Sistemas Tegui Bticino Digitales

audio video door entry sytem bticino

Kit V1 Digital

Los sistemas digitales de Tegui funcionan mediante código binario, por lo que permiten eliminar los cables de llamada a la vez que ofrece unas altas prestaciones como el secreto de comunicación, la temporización del abrepuertas.

La comunicación es digital simplificando el cableado de la instalación.

El sistema permite añadir hasta 16 puertas de acceso y 2 monitores y un teléfono añadiendo un alimentador E-35 (375005)

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BTicino Door Entry Systems – Enhancing Home Security with Advanced Technology


In an era where security is paramount, BTicino introduces a comprehensive range of audio and video door entry systems designed to meet the diverse needs of single homes, larger buildings, and apartment complexes. With a strong emphasis on ease of installation, functionality, and integration with smart home technology, BTicino offers solutions that cater to both private users and professionals. This article explores the key features and benefits of BTicino’s door entry systems, highlighting why they are an ideal choice for enhancing home security.

audio video door entry sytem bticino
audio video door entry sytem bticino

BTicino Door Entry Systems Overview

BTicino’s product line includes a variety of kits and systems tailored for different applications, from single-family homes to large residential complexes. The catalogue features:

  1. Easy Kits (Two Wires)
  2. Basic Kits (Four Wires)
  3. Professional Kits for Villas and Complex Buildings
  4. Connected Video Kits
  5. Audio Kits

Easy Kits: Simplified Installation and Smart Features

BTicino’s Easy Kits are designed for straightforward installation, making them perfect for refurbishments and upgrades. Key features include:

  • Hands-Free Solutions: Allowing users to interact with visitors while moving freely within their home.
  • Expandable Systems: Additional internal units, entrance panels, and CCTV cameras can be integrated seamlessly.
  • WiFi Connectivity: Enabling remote management through the Home + Security App, available for Android and iOS devices.
  • Durable Entrance Panels: High-resistant, waterproof metal entrance panels equipped with wide-angle cameras and LED lights for enhanced visibility.

Professional Kits: Advanced Security for Villas

For high-level security applications, BTicino offers professional kits that combine basic and advanced functionalities. These systems are ideal for large villas and residential buildings, offering:

  • Maximum Flexibility and Expandability: Suitable for both new installations and renovations, using existing wiring without polarity concerns.
  • Smart Integration: Compatibility with Netatmo security products such as smart cameras, door and window sensors, and smoke detectors.
  • Call Redirection: Redirect calls to smartphones, ensuring you never miss a visitor.

Key Products and Features

  1. EasyKit WiFi with Netatmo: This kit includes a WiFi connected hands-free internal unit and a metal entrance panel with a wide-angle camera. Users can manage video calls, door locks, and view camera feeds via the Home + Security App.
  2. EasyKit Plus: Featuring a 7-inch hands-free screen with a mirror finish, this kit supports the connection of up to three internal units and two entrance panels.
  3. Basic Kits (Four Wires): These kits offer the essential functions of call, intercom, and door lock activation, with expandability options for additional internal units and external panels.

BTicino’s door entry systems provide robust solutions for enhancing home security, combining ease of installation with advanced features and smart integration. Whether for a single-family home or a large apartment complex, BTicino’s products offer reliability, scalability, and the latest in security technology. Explore BTicino’s comprehensive range and find the perfect solution to safeguard your home.

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